Construction Update

The Sherwin-Williams project team is currently implementing the EPA-selected remedies for the Residential Properties and Route 561 Dump Site units located in Gibbsboro and Voorhees.

Sherwin-Williams contractor is performing the EPA-approved scopes of work with oversight by the Army Corps of Engineers acting as EPA’s on-site representative. Work hours are from 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Occasionally work is performed on Saturdays.

Excavated soils and sediments are being transported offsite to an EPA-approved landfill. Perimeter air monitoring is performed during excavation and trucking operations and soil handling areas on all properties to verify that dust levels are within acceptable levels established under the perimeter air monitoring program approved by the EPA. Vibration monitoring is performed to confirm that construction activities are within acceptable practices.

Residential Properties Unit Update

Week of: July 26, 2021

Voorhees Work Area

The project team is performing remediation activities on eight additional properties along Kirkwood Lake. Remediation and restoration activities are complete on five of the properties in the group. Soil excavation and site restoration work continue on the remaining three properties. This work will continue through the summer.

Remediation is complete and restoration activities are underway on one residential property located on the western end of Kirkwood Lake. All work on this property is expected to be complete by the end of July.

Mobilization and site preparation will begin this week on another individual residential property located along the lake. The work on this property is expected to take approximately one month.

A construction support area continues to be utilized at 1219 Gibbsboro-Kirkwood Road. The Voorhees Police Department will provide traffic control support as needed to minimize disruptions to the neighborhood.

Route 561 Dump Site Unit Update

Week of:  July 26, 2021

Remediation activities along White Sand Branch between Route 561 and Berlin Road are complete. Restoration of the wetlands area is complete. Restoration activities along the remaining areas are on-going and will continue during the summer.

Excavation and backfilling activities along White Sand Branch west of Berlin Road are nearly complete and restoration activities have begun. A small section of the bike path accessible from Berlin Road will be closed during this phase of the work. Restoration of the White Sand Branch stream corridor will continue over the next few months.

Contaminated soils are excavated, stabilized as needed, and trucked off-site to an EPA-approved landfill.

Excavation areas are backfilled and returned to pre-construction topography.