Construction Update

The Sherwin-Williams project team is implementing the EPA-selected remedies for the Former Manufacturing Plant, United States Avenue Burn Site, Residential Properties, and Route 561 Dump Site units located in Gibbsboro and Voorhees.

Former Manufacturing Plant (FMP) Soils Unit

Sherwin-Williams is performing pre-design investigation and remedial design activities to address soil and light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) contamination at the FMP. For more information on the FMP unit and the EPA-approved remedy, visit the FMP Soils page.

  • Remediation continues on the eastern side of the FMP along United States Avenue and will continue for approximately three months. From time to time, the walking path around Silver Lake, in the vicinity of the brick stacks, will be temporarily shut down for short periods of time.

Waterbodies Unit

Sherwin-Williams has initiated pre-design investigation activities to address contamination in Silver Lake, Bridgewood Lake, Kirkwood Lake and the Hilliards Creek floodplain. Periodic field activities may occur within the waterbodies as the pre-design and remedial design phases move forward. For more information on the Waterbodies unit and the EPA-approved remedy, visit the Waterbodies page.

Additional Field Activities

From time to time, the Sherwin-Williams team performs various field activities within each of the project units.

  • Sherwin-Williams performs periodic inspection and maintenance of newly planted vegetation in regulated areas for a minimum of five years following remediation and restoration as required under the applicable New Jersey DEP land use permits.
  • Groundwater sampling is performed on a periodic basis throughout the project area as required under applicable EPA work plans.
  • Sherwin-Williams is currently constructing a new segment of the multi-purpose trail along United States Avenue. Weather permitting, this work is expected to be completed by the end of April 2024.

Contaminated soils are excavated, stabilized as needed, and trucked off-site to an EPA-approved landfill.

Excavation areas are backfilled and returned to pre-construction topography.