December 2021 Quarterly Update
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Residential Properties Remediation
Remediation and restoration activities are complete on 47 residential properties located in Gibbsboro and Voorhees.  Remediation is complete on the two remaining properties located along Kirkwood Lake in Voorhees, with restoration activities underway and continuing into early 2022.  Two additional residential properties, located in Gibbsboro, also require remediation and restoration.  Sherwin-Williams is working with EPA to determine the most appropriate timing for work on these two properties. 

Route 561 Dump Site
Remediation and restoration activities are substantially complete on all properties associated with the Route 561 Dump Site unit. Sherwin-Williams is currently working on administrative documents and filings to close-out this project unit. Groundwater associated with this unit will be monitored for the next several years.

The United States Avenue Burn Site
Sherwin-Williams has completed the pre-design investigation for the Burn Site and associated properties, and is preparing the remedial design documents. The pre-final 90% remedial design (RD) was submitted to EPA on October 8, 2021. Following EPA approval of the RD, remediation and restoration of the Burn Site unit is expected to begin in late spring or early summer 2022.

Former Manufacturing Plant (FMP) Soils
The Sherwin-Williams team has submitted an extensive draft pre-design investigation (PDI) work plan to EPA and received comments on portions of the plan.  Once the work plan is thoroughly reviewed and approved, Sherwin-Williams will initiate PDI field activities. The EPA-approved remedy for the FMP Soils unit includes three distinct work areas requiring different remedial approaches. The pre-design and remedial design phases are expected to extend over multiple years.

In order to facilitate remediation work at and adjacent to the FMP, Sherwin-Williams will extend a segment of the sanitary sewer line to certain residential properties located on United States Avenue in Gibbsboro.  Design of the sewer line extension is underway.

Waterbodies Unit
On October 1, 2021, EPA released a ROD for the Waterbodies Unit. This ROD describes the selected remedy to address contaminated soil and sediment present within Hilliards Creek and its floodplain, as well as Silver Lake, Bridgewood Lake and Kirkwood Lake located in Gibbsboro and Voorhees. 

Pre-design investigation activities and planning for the Waterbodies Unit will begin once a modification to the existing Consent Decree is finalized and Sherwin-Williams has legal authorization to perform the work. 

Sherwin-Williams continues to work cooperatively with Camden County in evaluating options for accelerating the dredging of Kirkwood Lake. 

Former Manufacturing Plant Groundwater
Sherwin-Williams is working with EPA to finalize the Remedial Investigation of the Groundwater unit. Once the Remedial Investigation is complete and approved, Sherwin-Williams will proceed with the Feasibility Study to evaluate alternatives for addressing groundwater contamination at the FMP.