The Waterbodies project unit includes Hilliards Creek and its floodplain from West Clementon Road in Gibbsboro to the inlet of Kirkwood Lake in Voorhees, as well as Silver Lake, Bridgewood Lake and Kirkwood Lake.

Over the course of the 125-year industrial history of the former manufacturing plant, certain metals, primarily lead and arsenic, were transported downstream resulting in contamination within the floodplain and lakes.

On October 1, 2021, EPA released the Record of Decision for the Waterbodies Unit. Pre-design investigation activities, which are required to prepare design and construction documents, will begin once a modification to the existing Consent Decree is finalized and Sherwin-Williams has legal authorization to perform the work. A copy of the Waterbodies ROD is available here.

The Waterbodies Unit includes Silver Lake, shown above, as well as Bridgewood Lake and Kirkwood Lake. 

Hilliards Creek from West Clementon Road in Gibbsboro traveling west to the headwaters of Kirkwood Lake will be addressed under the Waterbodies Unit.